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Sep 2011

Wedding Videography Central Pennsylvania

Wedding Videography Central Pennsylvania
This is from our Signature wedding video package.
It’s  a short form edit as well as a highlight (trailer) edit.
The short form is a 2o minute edit of the day.
The highlights are a 2-4 minute cut of the day.
Holly & Cody’s wedding was not a typical wedding.
They had dinner, then the ceremony, then back to the wedding reception.
It was different but it worked for this Central Pennsylvania wedding video.

Wedding Planner: Alan Schaffranek
Wedding Photography by: Lisa Berry
Central PA wedding videography by HI FOCUSED


[xr_video id=”4fbadffd2a7e46feb4aac3e4858489d5″ size=”md”]

Signature short form

[xr_video id=”3a41254889c948a9989b3ec48283eadf” size=”md”]


Sep 2011

Pennsylvania Wedding

Pennsylvania Wedding Video: Patrick & Robyn
This wedding video comes with highlights and a short form edit
This couple were so happy with their wedding video.
Below the wedding video is what they had to say.
Wedding videography by HI FOCUSED

[xr_video id=”a9f359c3933c4de19ada3b3580f73e72″ width=”560″ height=”315″] [xr_video id=”4d5280486cac464b81146d44f07c5e04″ width=”560″ height=”315″]


Thank you soooo much for the beautiful work! My husband, family, friends and I have watched the videos over and over again. We laughed and cried. You basically captured how perfect the day truly was. We cannot stop watching it. We love the footage and music and just all the great moments you captured for us. You definitely did capture all of the great highlights of our day. Thank you for the speedy and fast release of our videos. They are amazing!! My friend is also using youbguys and is very excited now after seeing our footage. Thank you so much!! I will definitely recommend and let all my family and friends know about your work! :-)


Sep 2011

Altoona, PA Wedding

Altoona, PA Wedding
This Altoona PA wedding video was all at one location which is always awesome!
Makes wedding video coverage so much easier!
Altoona, PA wedding videgraphy by HI FOCUSED.