HI FOCUSED Capturing The Moment Showreel 2020
I’m in relentless search for the perfect shot, the perfect film, the perfect moment.
My pursuit of capturing the world around me, has helped open my eyes
and expanded my awareness to all of the moments all around us. I pause, soak it in and give thanks
for this opportunity to share my efforts at preserving this incredible world we live in.

Central PA / Philly / Hero 4 / by HI FOCUSED

Originally shot in 4k, I went on some drone missions with my Hero 4 during my last trip to State College for a wedding shoot.
Shot at some scenic locations in Central Pennsylvania. There’s also some shots of Woodward Camp, State College and Philadelphia.

Despite wind, trees and lack of GPS in some of the locations;
I managed to get some really epic shots.
Aerial cinema by http://www.hifocused.com


I recently had the pleasure to be in charge of the promotional video
for the Art Mix Runway at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center.
This shoot was a blast! We went all out and used all of our wedding video equipment!
I’m especially happy with how my super smooth glidecam shots came out!
As much as I enjoy filming weddings here on Maui and Hawaii,
it’s refreshing to get creative with other video projects.  Enjoy!

Maui Arts & Cultural Center ArT=Mixx from HI FOCUSED on Vimeo.


Maui Cinematography by HI FOCUSED

Event Videography Jack Johnson Rock The Vote
Hi Focused produces many other video productions besides weddings.
This event video production was a real honor as I’ve been a fan of Jack Johnson for years,
especially since he’s also from Hawaii like myself.  This video took place on Penn State Campus
in State College Pennsylvania.  Students would pledge to vote and by doing so would receive a free
ticket to the show.  The event was produced by Rock The Vote.
Event videography by HI FOCUSED.

Commercial Videography Central PA
I got a project shooting the Logan Town Centre in Altoona, PA.
It was great to step out of the routine of weddings and work on this project.
I always embrace the opportunity to do some commercial videography!

Woodward Camp cinematic action sports video
I’m always pushing my videography.
I wanted to use a lot of tight shots and clean shooting along with my own lighting
for this action sports video at Woodward camp.
I’m very pleased with how this video came out.
It’s exactly what I envisioned!
Action sports video by HI FOCUSED.

Redheaded Ninja Photography promotional videos
I recently was hired to do a couple promotional videos for the Redheaded Ninja.
She’s great to work with!  She’s super nice, energetic and a up beat person.
Enjoy these videos!
Redheaded Ninja Photography

Redheaded Ninja Model Shoot

Here’s what she had to say about me on Yelp.

As a wedding photographer, I work with a lot of videographers. Jordan is by far the most talented videographer I have ever met. He has produced several videos for me and will be documenting my wedding later this year. His style is clean & modern and the finished videos are incredible. You’ll get goosebumps, I’m serious. If you’re shopping for awesome video, you can stop looking now because you’ve found it. No one else compares.

I love shooting weddings but I also enjoy doing other projects like music videos.
It’s a big contrast to weddings but the creative energies are very similar.
This was shot in one day aside from the DJ scratches.

Track: Nothing But The Real ft. Diamond D
Artist/Producer: Satellite 12 (Mega Demus & R.M.S)
Scratches: DJ Jay-Ski
Album: The Wish List
Label: Red Planet Music
Director: Hi Focused Productions

Wedding and event videography is my main business / artistic focus
but that doesn’t mean I don’t dive into other projects.
To see my most recent wedding videos look under recent post to the right of the window.
I had the opportunity to direct a music video by Philadelphia under ground hip-hop legend, The Last Emperor.
It was a great experience to direct this video and I look forward to the next one!
This video has spread all over the world on hip-hop and music blogs! Be sure to let it load… or turn HD off.