Video camera and photo gear rental Maui

Video camera and photo gear rental Maui. Need a tripod, lens, monopod, lights or audio for your project? We rent camera gear here on Maui!

Please contact us if you are in need of renting camera gear on Maui. We rent tripods, monopods, lights, audio, cameras, lenses.

It is every photographer and videographer dream place to shoot. The beautiful waterfalls, swaying palm trees, soft beaches, and ocean view are some of the top things that make Maui a dream island.

Maui offers a view of snow-capped mountains, endless beaches, and magnificent waterfalls, which a drone can perfectly capture. If you want to make the best travel film in Maui, make sure to arrange a few essential camara and video gear.

If you are interested in photography, investing in a good camera is very important, but if you don’t want to spend a fortune, thankfully, we are here and can help rent you gear when in need!

Canon camera:

Maui Camera gear rental

Canon lens embraces a revamped optical design with modern coating technologies that promise improved outer and corner sharpness and minimal distortion and enhanced illumination.

Sony cameras:

Sony has excellent compact cameras. They specialize in manufacturing excellent sensors. They also have the best mirrorless camera system.

The reason why the Sony camera stands out the most is because of the system called Real-time tracking, which provides highly accurate tracking capabilities.


It is a standing equipment used to support the camera. You can place it on firm ground while shooting. This makes work easier and you don’t have to hold the camera in your hand. It is also portable.


It is single-leg support on which you can mount your camera. It is useful in traveling as you can mount your heavy cameras in it and prevent body aches. It makes filming much easier.


Gimbal can be used to support equipment ranging from small cameras to large telescopes. They allow you to rotate a camera along a single axis. You can capture wide shots using it.


The glidecam is a highly advanced camera stabilization system designed for film and video cameras.


Aerial photography using a drone is the best way to capture the beauty of Maui. Hike up to the mountains in Maui and film the landscape using a drone. Make sure you are licensed to fly a drone.

As it is said, “for a perfect shot, make sure you have a perfect camera.” It is significant for any film-maker or photographer to be well-equipped before visiting a place like Maui for a photoshoot. The true essence of beauty and aesthetics can only be captured and made available for the world if you have a high quality camera gear.