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Maui, Hawaii Wedding Film, Olowalu

Maui, Hawaii Wedding Film, Olowalu / John & Amanda / HI FOCUSED
The bride and groom had their beautiful destination
wedding ceremony at the St. Theresa’s Church in Kihei Maui.
Following their catholic ceremony, they had their gorgeous reception at the
Olowalu Plantation House which is one of my favorite venues on Maui!
It was a beautiful evening with all their closest family and friends,
also John and Amanda’s first dance was really impressive
and the dancing following it was high energy and a blast to film.
Thank you so much for having us be a part of your big day!
Congratulations, it was AMAZING!
Maui Wedding Film by: http://www.HIFOCUSED.com

Maui Wedding Videographer, Olowalu

Your wedding will be beautiful and fun, but it will pass. A wedding video gives you something to look back on and return to over the years. Relive the day. Experience laughs and joys you may have missed. Remember guests who stood by you. Hi Focused videography can share your intimate day with you and document it for you.

As you enter into a lifelong covenant as a couple and family unit, the celebrations stretch far beyond you. Your friends, family and loved ones have waited for this day with you. All have come together in a beautiful, romantic venue to celebrate all the love in your life. You will look back on your audience to see them overwhelmed with emotion and happiness.

A wedding’s smallest details add up to a powerful display of each couple’s own unique values and personality. You have spent months scouting the right venue, attire and decorations. Your wedding video gives you the chance to relive these choices of a lifetime.

The special look of your wedding is a creation of many people’s ideas and thoughts coming together. Your wedding video cinematography captures these decisions in a moving portrait. Over and over, you can enjoy your brilliant bouquets, colorful centerpieces, bridal party style and, of course, the bride’s showstopping wedding gown.

We consider the environment we shoot in when we create your professional, high-definition wedding video. Beach nuptials bring out the spectacular sky and gorgeous landscape as your two surprise guests. A ceremony under the stars transforms your wedding day into a classy, fairy-tale wedding night. A place of worship lends spellbinding architecture and ornate details to the background as you consecrate your union.

Your bridal party symbolizes the people you count on most in life. These men and women surround you in unity and loving support. We pay special attention to these people by your side, include their staged moments and capture them at their most candid. When children attend your wedding, the magic increases. Our videographers know how to come down to their levels and make sure to fit them in, too.

A jam-packed wedding video means your day will never pass. Hi Focused crystallizes the entrances, the vows, the ring exchange, the bouquet toss, the cake-cutting, your first dance as a married couple and more. Our final videos feel like a friend who walked along as you reached your wedding day milestones one by one.

Maui Wedding Cinematography: http://www.HIFOCUSED.com

Here’s the couple’s wonderful 5 star review of us too!
During the wedding planning process, I placed a lot of emphasis on the video. In this in age, the video is how we are most likely going to share our memories with our friends and family. I worked closely with Jordan and was very specific about how I wanted the final product.
Jordan met every request and exceeded my expectations. The video brought back all of the emotions of the wedding, captured artistic details, played with speeds and lighting perfectly. Not only is the video beautifully visually, he was able to capture the emotional aspect of the wedding as well.
I would highly recommend jordan to anyone looking for a talented videographer.

Hawaii, Maui Professional Wedding Videographer

When I was asked to describe the one thing I loved most about Apryl & Rob’s wedding, I would say it was the beautiful, natural backdrop that only a wedding in Maui, Hawaii could provide. There were other things that were amazing, but the setting was without doubt the most memorable.

I’m sure they’d agree that the wisest thing they did regarding their wedding was to hire a real, professional videographer. This way they had someone they could trust to take all of their special memories and capture them in a video that they would cherish for the rest of their lives.
It was their wedding coordinator who gave them the idea. She explained all of the benefits of having a professional to take care of recording their special occasion, rather than relying on a friend or some unskilled amateur. She was also able to provide them contact information for one of the most experienced videographers in their area.

So as you begin making plans for your marriage ceremony, be certain to ask your wedding coordinator for suggestions on hiring a videographer. A true professional will have made videos of hundreds of weddings. He will also have the best equipment available. Because of his state-of-the-art camera and accessories, you can be guaranteed to get the best quality video production of your wedding you could ever imagine.

Of course, experience isn’t just about how to operate a camera. A talented operator also knows how to achieve the best images with the proper amount of lighting, the correct angle, and working with the client.

Perhaps some of the most interesting scenes you’ll want to share with friends and family involve the reception. It can include your first dance as a married couple, the cutting of the wedding cake (and all the fun that goes into feeding a slice of it to each other), and the throwing of the bouquet to a waiting group of bridemaids.

These are memories that you will want to share with each other for years to come. So when you’re making the preparations for your special day, be sure to include hiring a skilled, professional videographer. It will be one of the smartest choices you can make.

But don’t wait until the week before the wedding! Be sure to make arrangements with your videographer well in advance. Their schedules fill up quickly, and you don’t want to be disappointed by having to settle for second best. Put it at the top of your ‘to-do’ list. You’ll be glad you did!

Maui Wedding Cinematography: http://www.HIFOCUSED.com

Wedding Film / Olowalu Plantation House

Tami & Jordan Wedding Film / Olowalu Plantation House
A beautiful Maui wedding at one of my favorite wedding venues on Maui.
Congratulations to the bride and groom for having us capture their epic wedding day!
Maui wedding videography: http://www.HIFOCUSED.com

Here’s their amazing 5 star review of us 🙂
After watching tons of wedding videos from different videographers on Maui, we knew we wanted HI Focused to capture our big day. We booked them through our wedding planner, but Jordan reached out to us to provide tips and to make sure he understood what we wanted out of our films. We absolutely loved the drone shots they had done for other weddings, so that was our only major request….and they certainly delivered!! Jordan was so easy to work with and we were super impressed that he finished our films (trailer and short film) way earlier than expected. When we watched the films, we were so overcome by all of the happy emotions that it brought back for us. From the heartfelt music to the breathtaking drone shots to the way he told the story of our special day…everything was just perfection!! A few of our family members and friends commented that they didn’t even realize that Jordan and his team captured so much footage because they were never in the way and never in anyone’s face with a camera. Whoever said that you don’t need a videographer because “you’ll never watch your wedding video more than once” clearly didn’t have their wedding day covered by HI Focused! We’re so in love with our films and will treasure them for the rest of our lives.

Susan & Alvin / Wedding Film / Maui, Hawaii

Susan & Alvin / Wedding Film / Maui, Hawaii
Congratulations to our bride and groom on their gorgeous destination Maui wedding.
The bride and groom had their intimate wedding at the historic Olowalu Plantation House
on West Maui, Hawaii. As you can tell by their wedding film, it’s a beautiful location for
a wedding.  And a big mahalo to Susan and Alvin for having us be their wedding videographers!
Maui wedding videography by: http://www.HIFOCUSED.com

Maui Wedding Films / Olowalu Plantation House

Maui Wedding Films / Olowalu Plantation House
Maui Wedding Films / Nick and Andrea / HI FOCUSED
An amazing wedding at one of my favorite wedding venues on Maui.
Congratulations to the bride and groom on their epic day!
Mahalo for having us be your cinematographers!
Maui Wedding Cinematography: http://www.hifocused.com
Maui Wedding Planning: http://www.theperfectweddingmaui.com
Maui Wedding DJ: http://weddingdjmaui.com
Maui Wedding Florist: http://bellabloommaui.com
Maui Wedding Make Up: http://www.mauimakeupartistry.com
Maui Wedding Photography: http://www.gordonnash.com

Here’s their 5 Star Review from The Knot.
Hi Focused is the best when it comes to capturing your special day! It is so fun to watch our wedding day over and over again and being able to relive that day. Jordan and his staff are very professional and make you feel very comfortable!! They also give you pointers when capturing moments so that they get the right shot. I highly recommend Hi Focused if you are considering a videographer 🙂 We especially love the drone shots that give an aerial view of your wedding!!!!


Olowalu Wedding Film

Congratulations to our bride and groom on their beautiful
destination Maui wedding.  And a big mahalo to Lori at Tropical Maui
Weddings on coordinating such a fabulous event!
Maui Wedding Cinematography: http://www.hifocused.com
Maui Wedding Planning: http://www.tropicalmauiweddings.com
Maui Wedding Venue: http://www.olowaluplantationhouse.com
Maui Wedding Photography: http://www.cjevansphotography.com

Here’s their awesome 5 star review of us!
“I was referred to Jordan + his team by my wedding planner but I had done some research prior to asking her about videography services and HI Focused was on my list. Jordan and his team were so easy to work with on the day of. They were good about being discreet and had fancy little mics to put under the dress/suit so we could be heard on the video later as the ocean can be loud in the background. Once the teaser came, I was SO excited to watch it I left work early!! A couple weeks later, the final product was ready too on a cute little card. We loved the video SOO much and everyone who saw it had nothing but sweet things to say about it. I was hesitant about hiring videography b/c it’s just another expense but if you’re going to spend all the time/money/love on your event—you gotta capture it right?! Photography is one beautiful way but videography takes it to another level to remember it by. Jordan + his team do it right.”

Olowalu Plantation House Wedding Film / Rachel & Huy

Olowalu Plantation House Wedding Film / Rachel & Huy
This was an amazing wedding day at one of my favorite locations on Maui.
Congratulations to Rachel and Huy!
Thanks for having us be apart of your rock star team of wedding vendors!
Maui Wedding Cinematography: http://www.hifocused.com
Maui Wedding Photography: http://tamizphotography.com
Maui Wedding DJ: https://www.mauiweddingdj.com
Maui Wedding Bar Service: http://www.perfectpourmaui.com
Maui Wedding Planning: http://www.opihilove.com
Maui Wedding Venue: http://www.olowaluplantationhouse.com
Maui Wedding Catering: http://threescateringmaui.com

Olowalu Maui Wedding Cinematography / Hi Focused

Olowalu Maui Wedding Cinematography / Hi Focused
Congratulations to our bride and groom on their AMAZING day!
Thanks guys for having us be your videographers on this
epic destination Maui wedding!

Maui Wedding Cinematography: http://www.hifocused.com
Maui Wedding DJ: http://www.mauidjservices.com
Maui Wedding Bar Service: http://www.mauibarsareus.com
Maui Wedding Planning: http://www.whiteorchidwedding.com
Maui Wedding Venue: http://www.olowaluplantationhouse.com

Here’s their 5 star review of us 🙂
“May 18th was the best day of our lives!! To look back at our wedding video and relive the moments from our big day is something we will always have and cherish. Everything from the music selection, style, quality and timing were PERFECTLY compiled in our highlight video. We must have watched it 10 times in a row!! We love it so much!! We’ve had so much positive feedback from friends and family, especially from those who couldn’t make it to maui. They really felt like they were there with us after watching the film. We’re so pleased with the quality work and professionalism from Hi Focused cinematography! It was a dream working with Jordan and Amber. The planning process from beginning to end was effortless. They were able to keep up relaxed and comfortable with the hectic schedule on the wedding day. He really made us feel comfortable and captured all of the important details I could have asked for and more! One of the best vendors from our wedding day!”

Olowalu Wedding Film / HI FOCUSED / Mai & Konthea

Olowalu Wedding Film / HI FOCUSED / Mai & Konthea
Congratulations to our bride and groom on their destination Maui wedding,
at the beautiful Olowalu Plantation House.
Thanks Mai and Konthea for having us be your wedding videographers!

Maui wedding cinematography: http://www.HIFOCUSED.com
Maui wedding planning: http://www.whiteorchidweddings.com
Maui wedding venue: http://www.olowaluplantationhouse.com

Here’s what they had to say! 🙂
“We chose Hi-Focused Cinematography for our destination wedding; it was one of the easiest choice to make after seeing few of his videos! Jordan is really easy to work with and is fast to answer his emails. The final result is amazing; we strongly recommend him!”

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