Maui's Top 5 Wedding Elopement Locations

Are you trying to choose the perfect location for your Maui wedding elopement? Read these top 5 locations for your Maui wedding elopement.
In the many years of being a Maui wedding videographer here are my top favorite recommendations for your wedding elopement.

  1. Ironwoods Beach, West Maui
  2. Po‘olenalena Beach, South Maui
  3. Hamoa, Hana, East Maui
  4. Nakalele Blow Hole, West Maui
  5. Kahakuloa, North West Maui
maui elopement wedding locaiton
Nakalele Blow Hole

There’s something very special about destination wedding elopements, to go to a remote location, no guests, no family, just the the couple pledging their love for each other.
Many of these ceremonies are at stunning remote locations with amazing natural beauty, off the beaten path.
After their wedding, a lot of these couples go back home and have a big reception with all their friends and family.
In many ways this is the best of both worlds.
You get to have your private intimate ceremony, then you get to have a reception party with everyone.
Many of my couples show their wedding film at their reception so they and their guests can relive and experience their wedding day all together.
This also can save quite a bit of expenses because they don’t need to rent a ceremony venue, flowers and elaborate decor.
I personally love filming these destination elopement films, they’re fun, meaningful and relaxed.
It’s really all about just the two of them and their love for each other.

Hana Maui Elopement
Hana Maui Elopement

Ironwoods Beach (Oneloa Beach), West Maui.

I love this beach for a few reasons. It’s fairly close to all the West Maui hotels, it’s fairly accessible, and most of the times I film there, we are the only wedding on the beach.
I also like the rugged look of the beach, you can also go to the cliffs at sunset for a dramatic backdrop.
If you have the time you can also hit Honolua forest prior to your ceremony for your first look and that will give you a green forest jungle vibe as well (pro tip bring mosquito repellant).
This gives you a wide variety of shot locations, forest, beach and cliff and can all be filmed in just a few hours!

Elopement wedding film shot at Honolua Forest and Ironwoods Beach

Po‘Olenalena Beach, South Maui

This beach is the easiest to get to of all the locations I listed. It has lots of parking and a large beach with soft powdery sand. Even though it’s at a beach there’s a few location options for getting different looks such as up on the path or in the Keawe trees.
This beach has amazing sunsets too. The only draw back is there can be other weddings happening but that’s not an issue because the beach is so big
there’s plenty of space between ceremonies.

Po‘olenalena Sunset shoot with Haiku Mill Wedding ceremony

Hamoa, Hana East Maui

There’s something magical about Hana Maui. This location is by far the longest drive to get to out of all the options but that is also part of the experience.
There’s nothing like the raw beauty and Hawaii magic that Hana Maui has. The remote green lush rain forest mixed with rugged coastline is unlike any other place in Hawaii. I’m also partial to it because my last elopement film shot here won “Best Story” in the International Wedding Cinema Film Festival!

Epic Hana Wedding Elopement Film

Nakalele Blow Hole, North West Maui

This location has stunning cliffs and raw rugged coastline. It’s a bit off the beaten path but perfect for those couples who want the “adventure wedding film”.
This is an epic spot for drone shots too with its scenic coastline and expansive background. One of my favorite wedding elopements was shot here and then followed by a long drive to twin falls giving the couple amazing ocean and water fall shots in their film, perfect for the adventure wedding elopement vibe they wanted.
They also kept it classy by getting ready at the Ritz Carlton, Kapalua.

Nakalele Blow Hole & Twin Falls Wedding elopement

Kahakuloa, North West Maui

This location is very unique and completely private because the only way to have your ceremony here is through Air Maui helicopter tours.
They will helicopter you in for your ceremony and helicopter you out! This makes for one epic wedding! What better way to make an entrance than by air! You also get a tour of West Maui, mountains as well adding a very unique experience for your wedding day.

Kahakuloa, Maui Wedding Elopement Film

There you have it Maui’s top 5 wedding elopement locations. If you have any questions or need any help in choosing the best location for your Maui wedding elopement feel free to ask and I’m happy to give you more information.

Adventure Maui Wedding Elopement

Mahalo and all the best to you both on your Maui wedding celebration!