Best Maui wedding videographers

Looking for the best Maui wedding videographers for your day? Your wedding day is the most important day of your life as you and your soulmate become one on that day. It is an unforgettable day of your life, and a wedding only happens once, so you must capture every moment of the day to cherish forever.

This is why you should hire Hi Focused for your Maui wedding videography

HI FOCUSED Wedding Reel

It is essential that both, the couple and their guests feel comfortable being in front of the camera throughout the day during the wedding shoot. They should be able to pose comfortably as guided by the photographer and videographer.
The videography team must maintain professionalism and discipline.

Hi Focused offers Maui wedding videography services and throughout Hawaii. We have been providing the best quality wedding films since 2005. We love videography, and in Maui, we have had the honor of shooting at many spectacular Maui wedding venues ranging from small beaches, such as Makena Cove to the biggest wedding resorts like The Four Seasons Wailea.

We also use the latest technology for our wedding films, such as drones for aerial shots, gimbals, and lighting. For wedding photoshoots, we use the highest quality Sony 4K cameras that produce some of the best images available.

It is the dream of every videographer to get the opportunity of shooting amidst the beautiful beaches and elegant wedding resorts in Maui. We are very professional and passionate about our work. We take personal care of our clients.

Our topmost priority is to make sure our clients are satisfied and delighted with our work. We also get recommended to new couples by our former clients, which shows our impact on them.

Our Maui wedding films are an art that connects with our audience and enables them to feel the emotions and magic through the lens. Our films have also been featured received many awards, been featured in film festivals and on TV. 

One of our clients mentioned that hiring us as their wedding videographer was the best decision of their wedding planning process. Other reviews are also similar, praising our professionalism, hard work, and quality of our work. Over and over again with well over 400 5-Star reviews online.  This shows why Hi Focused should be your first choice when it comes to Maui wedding videography!