A letter from the father of the bride

A letter from the father of the bride
This letter came to me from a high end wedding I filmed in NJ.
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I’ve had many reviews and touching letters all of which I really appreciate but not a letter quite like this.
I filming weddings but to know that what I do so deeply impacts others is something that really makes my wedding videography career worth all the work I put into it.
It’s very profound that these wedding videos we make are with the couple for the rest of their lives and will go to future generations as well.
I’ve had couples say that when they have hardships they watch their wedding video, and I’ve had couples say they watch their wedding video every anniversary.
These videos can make marriages stronger.
These videos aren’t just keep sakes for a day but embody the essence of these couples personalilties, lives and families.
I feel honored and blessed to be touching people so deeply.

Hi Jordan,

Ever since we received the DVD’s of Jana and Shaun’s wedding, I have wanted to send you this note. As I think you are well aware from our previous discussions, I spent considerable time and effort with my daughter in putting her wedding together. And since the key element in selecting a videographer was being able to discern the differences among the videographers we had to choose from, we spent dozens and dozens of hours viewing countless video samples, so an informed choice could be made. And after viewing many samples of your work, both my daughter and I were convinced that we found someone who was capable of meeting our very high expectations.

My nature is to be excessively particular with matters of importance. And once my daughter let me know how important her wedding video would be to her, choosing her videographer became one of the most important choices we would make regarding her wedding. And even though I am not an experienced videographer myself, I pay so much attention to detail that I believe that I am acutely aware of what videographers do to achieve certain results, and the thought and skill that are required in order to create a high quality video. The point I am trying to make here, Jordan, is that in hiring you, I had every confidence that you would be able to meet my very lofty expectations. And as you are also aware, I agreed to pay you an additional travel fee, because it was worth that additional expense to hire someone who I thought could deliver a result that would be close to what I wanted.

I can be very critical in my opinions of the work others do for me. So much so, that it is truly very rare for someone’s work to be so good, that the result that they are able to achieve can actually exceed my highest expectations. As things have turned out, Jordan, it is our extreme good fortune that your work has somehow surpassed anything me and my family could have ever hoped for. Your work is exceptional. You are both a highly talented, as well as a highly skilled videographer and film editor. And the pleasure your work has already brought to my family, is nothing short of priceless.

Speaking for myself, I have already watched Jana and Shaun’s films more than I had ever expected I ever would. And every time I do, two things always happen:

First, I catch myself having the same pleased smile on my face, as I watch each of the three versions you created. It is a grin that lasts for the entire length of time that I am viewing what you were able to capture with your cameras. And then so skillfully crafted together to make such wonderful videos.

Second, another part of me is looking to see what I would have wanted you to do differently, to make the videos even better than they are. And I look with renewed determination to find something of substance with each viewing…..I am still trying to find something to tell you about. You are a genuinely gifted filmmaker and technician.

But more importantly, Jordan, you have given my daughter everything she had hoped for in a wedding video. She too, has a critical eye for detail, and we had discussed different videographer’s styles and skill levels. And her only comments to me about her videos sound like this:

“They are perfect.”

“They are exactly what I wanted.”

“I would not change a thing.”

“Jordan is amazing.”

And finally, you have helped to give me something so priceless, that it is difficult for me to know if you can fully appreciate what it means to a dad, to hear his daughter say, “Thanks for making my Wedding Day so perfect, Dad. I wouldn’t change a thing. And I do not know how to thank you enough.”

With my most sincere thanks,

Ralph E. Fago