Kauai Kukuiula Wedding Film

What an incredible day that worked out beautifully at Kukuiula!
I should mention that Hurricane Lane was hitting Kauai on
Ben & Amanda’s scheduled wedding day
so they moved it a few days early very last minute.
We found out about the change the day before
the wedding so me and my shooter flew out that night!
The forecast was for rain but the weather cleared with
epic lighting and an incredible sunset.
It’s crazy how it all worked out and how epic their wedding day turned out!!!
Thank you, Amanda & Ben for having us film your awesome wedding day!

Here’s their amazing 5 star rave review of us!

JORDAN IS THE BEST! First off, they’re kind, professional, awesome to have around for your special day (they get all their shots, but you almost don’t know they’re there), they go above and beyond in every way from getting your notes before the wedding, to the day of, to editing your film, and if something unexpected comes up (like a hurricane did for our wedding!) they do whatever they can to still make everything perfect (like flying out days early for a wedding that was rescheduled for 2 days sooner, and succeed!). They know what they’re doing, you can trust 100% that your video will be amazing and better than you could’ve ever imagined. When I first started planning, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted a videographer, I thought a photographer would be enough, and that if we got a videographer we would go with the least expensive option. As planning continued, and I kept watching reels for other videographers, my opinion started to changed, and I realized that I would probably regret not spending more money for quality. In hindsight, after having chosen Hi Focused, who are the best videographers in Hawaii, I 100% agree not to skimp when choosing a videographer, and would hire Hi Focused again in a heartbeat. Your wedding day goes by fast, hiring a great photographer is also very important, but they don’t capture the moments the same way a video can, especially with the speeches, the laughter, dancing, the emotion in your eyes, the sounds of your friends and family cheering and clapping after your first dance. I watch my video every week and never get tired of it. I work for an A-list director in Hollywood, and it looks like an A-list director made my wedding video, the quality of their shots and their cameras are that good. Also, this didn’t happen to me, but I had a best friend who didn’t hire a videographer, and her photographer accidentally deleted all her photos =( Needless to say, that was devastating for her and her husband. If only she had hired a videographer, she could still have had her day captured on film to look back at and remember (and she’s not the only friend I’ve had that wishes they hired a videographer!). If you’re on a budget, I’d spend less money on flowers or decor, and spend more money on your videographer, it’s worth it (because our wedding was moved up 2 days we had to totally redo our decor, we had less flowers, no tent, less lighting, and basically a more simplified-though still very pretty-wedding, but the food and band and DJ were still excellent, and the wedding was perfect, and when I watch our video, I completely forget the stresses of moving the wedding, and just remember the pure joy of the day, and that’s due mainly to the fact of our perfect video). Also, when I watched other people’s wedding videos, I thought I liked shorter ones better, like the 4 minute ones, and if that’s all you can afford, then those are still great (my sister got married in Malibu and hers is 4 minutes and she loves it!), but we opted to get a longer video, and I really enjoy having the extra shots. I’d recommend 7 minutes or more if you can afford it. When it’s you on screen, you’ll never feel like it’s too long ha! In summary, if you’re getting married on any of the Hawaiian islands, I wouldn’t look anywhere else for a videographer, hire Hi Focused!