Maui Proposal Film / Michelle & Jeremy

A surprise proposal film! There is no better place than Maui to propose and we can perfectly capture it! Jeremy and I planned how all of this would happen well in advanced and it all worked out beautifully! He took a knee and she said yes! She had no idea that it was going to happen too!
Congratulations to Michelle & Jeremy!

Here’s Jeremy’s rave review of us wow!
I’ll keep it real, this team is beyond amazing. During the planning process, they were very patient and transparent. I didn’t know much about Maui, so they listed pros and cons of the various areas. On the day of my proposal, we got rained out. HI FOCUSED team reached out to me early, and gave me the option to cancel or try a different location. They gave multiple location recommendations with their extensive knowledge of the area. While communicating with them, there was never a time I felt pressured from them to cancel or choose the alternate location.  I wanted to cancel initially, but thankfully I didn’t. We went to the alternate location and the team was already set. My lady was definitely surprised, and the alternate location actually worked out better than the initial spot. The cloud formation, the way the sun set, and even the water not hitting us on the ground reminded us to make the best each situation we’ll encounter. What’s real impressive is the turnaround time. Long story short, expected weeks to maybe a month to see the final product. Received in much less time, which was great! Overall, we follow HI FOCUSED on social media. When watching their past and present work, it takes us back to our moment with feel good vibes and relatability. Highly recommend this team, very well worth it

Maui Proposal / Michelle & Jeremy / HI FOCUSED