Merriman’s Kapalua Wedding Film / Mark & Kenzell / HI FOCUSED

What a perfect day with just the right amount of adventure 🙂 The bride and groom had their ceremony at the beautiful Merriman’s Kapalua, but before their wedding ceremony they stopped at Ironwoods beach and cliffs for some stunning drone shots on the cliffs. Kenzell’s veil blew off and over the cliff, we thought it was gone but about 10 minutes later a good samaritan, Barret completely surprised us and retrieved the veil! What a hero! Definitely a memorable moment! Congratulations to the bride and groom! Your Maui wedding elopement was perfect! Wedding Cinematography: Awarded Best Wedding Videographer in Maui Hawaii #maui #wedding #merrimans

Here’s their 5 star review of us 🙂
We really could not have expected how important it was to have captured our elopement on video. My wife and I perused several different options for videographers in Hawaii to capture our elopement. Jordan Nagasako of Hi Focused, however, made it an easy decision. The frequency, transparency, and alacrity of his correspondence with us was unparalleled. He is very understanding and is willing to customize the wedding packages to fit your specific needs. Like most couples, we had ideas in mind for our video. Jordan, along with our wedding coordinator, was immensely helpful in guiding us on the location, timing, and itinerary to capture everything we needed. On the day, Jordan himself went a step further by dealing with a disruptive woman while his team continued filming. All in all, they made our day that much better. Hi Focused was also the first vendor to finish their work and send it to us. My 80 year old father was so excited to hear that we had a video of the elopement that he wanted to make a whole night of the showing. We even kept our elopement secret so that he could announce it to the rest of the family over the holidays. The plan was to watch the video as a family (and extended family) together at his home. Sadly he was hospitalized right before then. He could barely speak but was adamant about making the announcement. Per one of his final requests, we surprised our family by playing the video on the TV in his hospital room in the ICU. He was so elated, so proud, and said it was shot beautifully. I’ll never forget that moment. He passed a few days later. So if you’re going back and forth on whether or not a videographer is worth it (and we did in the beginning) Jordan and Hi Focused most definitely is worth it to not only relive .