White Orchid Beach House Maui Wedding Venue

The White Orchid Beach House is one of my favorite wedding venues on Maui.
This intimate and private wedding venue is on Maui’s south shore.
It all came together beautifully for the bride and groom at this destination wedding celebration!
Thank you so much for having us shooter your stunning day!!! Congratulations!!!
Maui Wedding Videography:  http://www.HIFOCUSED.com

Here’s their amazing 5 star rave review of us!

My now-husband and I were together for almost eight years before we finally got engaged. Admittedly, I am not always the most patient of people, so I went through most of the research and planning months, even years before he actually popped the question. I figured that whenever the day finally did come, at least I would be prepared! I knew Hi Focused had to be a part of our wedding day when I found myself crying over strangers’ wedding videos on YouTube at one in the morning – over and over and over again. I must have watched every video on the Hi Focused blog at least three times, and some a lot more than that! The stunning drone shots, the vibrant colors, the poignant swells of music that tug at your heartstrings – I couldn’t get enough. I couldn’t believe how emotionally invested I had become in these weddings after a 7-10 minute video! It’s hard to be confident about all of your choices when planning a destination wedding, but picking Hi Focused was easy. No other videographer’s work even came close. I sent Jordan an email the very weekend we got engaged, before we’d even picked a planner, a date, or a venue. My husband and I both agreed that photo and video got priority over all other choices for the day, and this meant that if Jordan and his team weren’t able to be a part of it, then we would pick another day. Without doubt, this is one of the best decisions we made throughout the whole process. The questionnaire we filled out left me assured that the Hi Focused team knew exactly what we were looking for in our film, and Jordan followed it up with a phone call a few weeks prior to the wedding to discuss everything in more detail and review the timeline. Not only did he ask what was important to us, but he listened and followed through! He was very honest about whether we might need additional time in order to get the shots that we wanted, without ever feeling pushy or like he was trying to sell us on anything. He sent me a follow up list after our call to confirm everything we had talked about, and checked in again a few days after the wedding to congratulate us and see if we had any special requests. He made note of the songs I had especially liked from other videos and made sure to include them as well. We never felt rushed or uncomfortable on our wedding day, even when last minute scrambles due to rain put us behind. Jordan, Amber and Charles were professional and well-coordinated. We never felt like we were on display or had cameras in our faces – for the most part, we just got to be us, and bask in the moments of being happy together. When they did offer guidance or suggestions on what to do, it was still very natural and unobtrusive, and the results of those moments of guidance are some of my favorite shots in the film! Amber was with me while I got ready, and she was patience personified while helping me get mic’d up before getting into my dress. She was so professional, but at the same time so friendly and funny that I never felt uncomfortable or awkward. She was such a breath of fresh air, and really helped me feel like “me” again in the midst of all the primping and prepping and pre-wedding chaos. Everyone worked well with our photographers, too! I never felt like they were competing for shots or that they were in each other’s way. Their shots are flattering, gorgeously lit, and captivating. I love seeing and reliving all of the details that went blur. When Jordan sent us the finished video about nine weeks after the wedding, I noticed one request (to include my brother’s toast) was missing. I was hesitant to ask if there was any way he could include a clip, fully expecting it to take another few weeks to re-edit and worried that I might be annoying by asking. After all, we’re right in the middle of wedding season. Jordan responded with a few hours and was SO nice and accommodating – a new, corrected video was already being uploaded! I was blown away. I work in customer service, and my husband sometimes teases me for having ridiculously high standards and always being a little let down, even if I really enjoy something. Not so this time! Hi Focused went above and beyond even what I was looking for, and man did they deliver! The film is stunning, and is woven together into such a beautiful story – the speeches, the dancing, the laughter, the ceremony – all of the things that kind of blur together because there is SO MUCH you experience. All of it comes right back as you get to relive those moments. Absolutely, 100% worth every penny. I seriously cry and feel all the feels every time I watch it. Heck, my little sister said even her roommate cried while watching it! If you’re getting married in Hawaii (or heck, anywhere else – they travel!), make sure Hi Focused is a part of it. 

Jordan Nagasako