Willamsport, PA Wedding Video Highlights

Willamsport, PA Wedding Video Highlights

Tara and Nick were married in Williamsport, PA.
What they wrote was so moving, I had to post it.

To choose the correct videographer for our special day, I looked high and low for many weeks.  Nothing caught my eye, like Jordan’s work.  I knew from the first highlight video I watched on the Hi Focused website that they would be the company to capture our special day.  I don’t regret that decision!

Nick and I received our highlight video about two weeks after our wedding and thought that the highlight video alone was spectacular!  We posted it up on Facebook for our family and friends to see and we received so many comments on just how unique and modern this short video was.  Our family and friends were as anxious as we were to watch the “real” video:)

We received our copy of our wedding video about a week later.  Nick, my 5 year old son, and I watched the video together for the first time.  (Jaxon cried and said “he did such a good job”, how sweet is that!  If a 5 year old realizes that the video was that good…that has to say something.  We were blown away by just how great of a job Jordan had done.  He was able to preserve memories of that day of even the smallest details.  We are having family over this weekend to view the video and are so eager to show them the final product:)

I feel like we owe Jordan more than he asked.  I truly feel he was the only person who could have captured our wedding day and present it in the beautiful way he did.  THANK YOU JORDAN, from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you for the lifelong memories,
Tara, Nick, and Jaxon