HI FOCUSED's favorite same-sex wedding films

Here are several of my favorite same sex Maui wedding films. At Hi Focused we love to film same-sex weddings and here’s why:

They are fun! These same-sex Maui weddings tend to be more unique in their traditions or lack of traditions, making them relaxed and focused on what really matters, love, family, friends and connection.

They have a unique story. Over your traditional weddings same sex weddings have more of a unique story making capturing their day helps me exercise my creative in many ways.  If you watch these films you’ll see what I mean by a unique story.

Whether it’s a traditional Maui wedding or same sex Maui wedding I’d love to hear your story and vision for your day so I can craft you a personalized & beautiful wedding film.

Here are some of my very favorite same-sex Maui wedding films. From intimate Hana wedding to classic Merriman’s here’s some of my top picks!

Epic Hana Wedding Film Antoinette & Kamille

Maui Wedding Merriman’s Kapalua | David & Chris

Maui Helicopter Wedding Elopement Film Victor & Taylor

Thanks so much for watching our favorite Same-Sex Maui Wedding Films.