Maui Wedding tips 4 Reasons to do a First Look

As a Maui Wedding Videographer, I get asked all the time,
“Should we do a first look?” For those of you that don’t know, the first look is when the bride and groom see each other prior to the ceremony privately after they both are done getting ready. Typically the bride walks up to the groom taps him on the shoulder and he turns and sees her for the first time intimately. Logistically and personally there’s some great benefits to this. ❤️
Here are the top 4 reasons why do a first look.

First look Maui Wedding
First look Maui Wedding
  1. Exchange personal vows privately.
  2. Get more pictures of the bride and groom before the ceremony.
  3. Gives the couple more to mingle at cocktail hour.
  4. More great shots for photo and video.
Maui Wedding first look
Maui Wedding first look

The first look is a great time for the couple to see each other and have a private moment to enjoy each other with out the stress of the ceremony.
It also gives them a chance to exchange personal vows if they don’t like the idea of reading their personal vows in front of everyone. For timing it helps as well because the couple can get some of their pictures together and wedding party photos done prior to the ceremony so after the ceremony they have more time to spend at cocktail hour mingling with their guests.
It also makes for a more relaxed day. One other thing to note for the first look, it does add time for wedding photography and videography because we will need to start earlier to capture the first look and shots after but it will also make for a less rushed and more relaxed day.

By Jordan Nagasako, owner of
HI FOCUSED Cinematography
10 Years of 5-Star Service
Awarded Hawaii’s Best Wedding Cinematographer