Maui Sugarman Estate Wedding Film / Bonnie & Chris Maui

Maui Sugarman Estate Wedding Film / Bonnie & Chris Maui
Congratulations to this fabulous couple on their amazing
Maui wedding at the scenic Sugarman Estates in Maui Hawaii.
In this film you can really feel the profound connection these two beautiful people share.
It’s inspiring to see the love between Bonnie and Chris.
Mahalo guys for having us be your videographers, it’s been an honor.
Maui Wedding Cinematography:

Here’s the couple’s awesome 5 Star Review of us.
Opting to work with Jordan as our videographer on our wedding day was one of the best decisions my husband I made in our entire wedding planning process. After booking our venue and our wedding coordinator, our next step was locking in the perfect videographer for our special day. As a couple whose respective professions consist of conducting in-depth research and analysis on a daily basis (an attorney and a financial analyst), you can bet that we did our research before selecting Jordan. We pored through dozens of videographer websites, watching countless wedding videos, and reading every review we could find. We did cost benefit analysis for each videographer (including videographers off island), rating each based on the quality of their videos and relative cost. Jordan was the best option. His videos speak for themselves. Simple and honest but with a director’s focus on cinematography, his videos reveal a true artist with a keen eye for detail and the ability to tell the story of each couple in a special way. He has the uncanny ability to capture and collect the most memorable moments from your special day and put them together seamlessly in a way that will forever memorialize those overwhelming yet thrilling seconds when you first see your husband-to-be at the end of the aisle; the indescribable love and excitement you feel as he looks into your eyes and tells you, with unwavering conviction, that he will love you for an eternity; the tidal wave of emotions you feel as you turn to face your guests together for the first time as husband and wife. He was also receptive to our requests – adding in elements that he usually does not implement such as slow-mo and time lapse to satisfy our persnickety standards. In short, he nails it. Every single time. We were smiling with tears running down our faces as we watched our video for the first time. You will too.