State College Wedding Video Highlights, Katlyn and Seth.

Here’s any up date!
What they wrote:  Jordan, thank you so much for traveling to Benton to video our wedding day.  We truly appreciate your services and you did a wonderful job!  The video turned out excellent! We love it!  Thank you again!
Katlyn & Seth
* All of our family and friends love your work – thank you!

Highlights of Katlyn and Seth’s wedding video.  This is the first wedding of the year for me and I had some new gear for it. Shooting with DSLR photo cameras especially the 7D and 5D is all the rage in video now. As you can get that shallow depth of field (where the background is blurry and just your subject is in focus) you can also get some really nice macro shots. Here’s a good start to the wedding year!

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