Wedding Videography Tips and info

Wedding Videography Tips
Here’s some tips and info on wedding videography.

Wedding videography may have come farther in the last five years than any other part of the wedding industry.
Videos of weddings in the past often look more like amateur home videos when compared to our modern techniques.

Some wedding videography companies now use steadycam set ups, highly portable dolly systems,
lens adapters for a cinematic depth of field, and off axis lighting.
Wedding videos can look closer to movie trailers now.
Of course there are still those doing what they’ve always done and when used sparingly,
some of the old techniques can still be effective in special situations.

Some of the reasons to have a wedding video

– Video is alive with movement & sound so it preserves the day in a completely different way than photography

–  You can hear speeches, vows, and conversations

–  You can see attendees, family and friends as they were and acted

–  Video highlights can be shared with those who were there and those who were not.

Make sure your wedding videographer

–       Has back-up equipment

–       Uses wireless audio for the ceremony

–       Has a the day’s timeline in advance

–       Is aware of any last minute changes

–       Is timely about getting the finished video to you

–       Is unobtrusive and good-natured

–       Represents a wedding video company whose style you really like.

Your wedding day arrives and passes by so quickly.  All the planning and details become a blur.
With a wedding videographer there, you will have a video you can watch again and again.
You will be delighted to notice details that you may have missed in the excitement of the day.
Preserve all those special moments with a video.
And book early to ensure you get the videographer you want.
Hope these tips and info help with your wedding videography.