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Jana & Shaun

Thank you so much Jordan! You did such an AMAZING job on the videos – its EXACTLY what Shaun and I were hoping for, and my Dad couldn’t possibly be more pleased as well! I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful work that you did on such an important day to us. You are extremely talented and we are so lucky to have found you! 🙂

Here’s what the father of the bride had to say!  It brought  a tear to my eye :)

Hi Jordan,

Ever since we received the DVD’s of Jana and Shaun’s wedding, I have wanted to send you this note. As I think you are well aware from our previous discussions, I spent considerable time and effort with my daughter in putting her wedding together. And since the key element in selecting a videographer was being able to discern the differences among the videographers we had to choose from, we spent dozens and dozens of hours viewing countless video samples, so an informed choice could be made. And after viewing many samples of your work, both my daughter and I were convinced that we found someone who was capable of meeting our very high expectations.

My nature is to be excessively particular with matters of importance. And once my daughter let me know how important her wedding video would be to her, choosing her videographer became one of the most important choices we would make regarding her wedding. And even though I am not an experienced videographer myself, I pay so much attention to detail that I believe that I am acutely aware of what videographers do to achieve certain results, and the thought and skill that are required in order to create a high quality video. The point I am trying to make here, Jordan, is that in hiring you, I had every confidence that you would be able to meet my very lofty expectations. And as you are also aware, I agreed to pay you an additional travel fee, because it was worth that additional expense to hire someone who I thought could deliver a result that would be close to what I wanted.

I can be very critical in my opinions of the work others do for me. So much so, that it is truly very rare for someone’s work to be so good, that the result that they are able to achieve can actually exceed my highest expectations. As things have turned out, Jordan, it is our extreme good fortune that your work has somehow surpassed anything me and my family could have ever hoped for. Your work is exceptional. You are both a highly talented, as well as a highly skilled videographer and film editor. And the pleasure your work has already brought to my family, is nothing short of priceless.

Speaking for myself, I have already watched Jana and Shaun’s films more than I had ever expected I ever would. And every time I do, two things always happen:

First, I catch myself having the same pleased smile on my face, as I watch each of the three versions you created. It is a grin that lasts for the entire length of time that I am viewing what you were able to capture with your cameras. And then so skillfully crafted together to make such wonderful videos.

Second, another part of me is looking to see what I would have wanted you to do differently, to make the videos even better than they are. And I look with renewed determination to find something of substance with each viewing…..I am still trying to find something to tell you about. You are a genuinely gifted filmmaker and technician.

But more importantly, Jordan, you have given my daughter everything she had hoped for in a wedding video. She too, has a critical eye for detail, and we had discussed different videographer’s styles and skill levels. And her only comments to me about her videos sound like this:

“They are perfect.”

“They are exactly what I wanted.”

“I would not change a thing.”

“Jordan is amazing.”

And finally, you have helped to give me something so priceless, that it is difficult for me to know if you can fully appreciate what it means to a dad, to hear his daughter say, “Thanks for making my Wedding Day so perfect, Dad. I wouldn’t change a thing. And I do not know how to thank you enough.”

With my most sincere thanks,

Ralph E. Fago

Liz & Seth

You captured everything, everyone perfectly. We were both bawling while we watched the videos.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We cannot wait to share these with our friends and family and to cherish them for a lifetime to come.
You have a wonderful talent!

Brittney & Brian

Our videos ares awesome! Thanks SOOO much!! SO many compliments and it seriously turned out AMAZING. I am so happy we have this! Amazing!!!
Seriously words can’t describe how amazing the videos are. THANK YOU.

Kelly & Bryan

I just want to tell you about all the wonderful comments we have received about Kelly and Bryan’s wedding video. Friends and family have said how you really know how to capture what a wedding is all about… the way you started with a short segment of the closing remarks from the officiant in the highlight video, and then continued with such beautiful shots of the many happy moments throughout the wedding. And the remarkable thing is that we were hardly aware of the shooters being there! They were all so discreet. Everyone is saying how we have to be so pleased with how it turned out and we truly are!! I am so happy that we found you (and trust me when I say we researched every possible videographer on the islands!) and we feel so fortunate. Thank you for creating such a beautiful video memory of this most special event. No one could have shot it any better. It is just perfect! You get out highest recommendation!! Thank you again, Jordan. We think you are amazing.

Amy & Kooper

My experience working with Jordan Nagasako from Hi Focused Productions was wonderful. With so many details to handle planning my wedding, it was a relief working with Jordan. On my wedding day, both of jordan’s videographers acted very professional and throughout the day let me and my husband enjoy our wedding. We got to truely enjoy ourselves and most of the time I forgot they were even there. That was so refreshing that they were able to capture everything about our day without getting in the way. The highlights reel and video were more than I expected! Such a beautiful way to remember our special day. I highly recommend Jordan from Hi Focused Productions.

Marci & Eric

While looking for a videographer for our wedding, we knew we wanted someone who could really capture the moments. As soon as we saw Jordan’s work, we knew it had to be him! When we received the highlight video, we could not stop watching it!!! It was absolutely Amazing! With so much going on the day of your wedding, you don’t want to miss a thing. Jordan’s video not only allowed us to re-live our special day, but also see the little things we may have missed! Watching the video, felt like we were watching a movie of ourselves. It was a pleasure to work with him, and would highly recommend HI FOCUSED to anyone.

Michelle & Ian

Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding video! You really captured the essence of the day and put it into a great keepsake format. We really appreciate your modern style – the updated music and the cinematography cuts and transitions. Thanks again!

Teresa & Adam

Hi Focused Videography delivered where it counted. Disappearing into the background of our wedding day, Jordan and his team remained unobtrusive while still capturing our special moments. We enthusiastically recommend Hi Focused Videography for any couple looking for superb documentation without the lengthy final-cut wait of its competitors.

Lyndsie & Beau

Our wedding was last June in Altoona, PA. Booking and working with Jordan was one of the easier decisions we had when planning our wedding! His website displays the amazing videos that he captures & we knew right away he was what we wanted. I have received so many compliments on my wedding videos. We gave a copy to each of our parents and they were so excited. He also gave us some awesome tips about our honeymoon in Hawaii 🙂 I would recommend him to all future brides!

Megan & Mark

I was married in March at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church and my reception followed at the Four Seasons Resort in Wailea. The Four Seasons had a vendor list they requested we work off that had two videographers listed. After speaking with both and looking at samples they provided on their websites, I was underwhelmed. I did a search on WeddingWire and came across Jordon at Hi-Focused. I was not only impressed with the samples I saw posted on his site but also by the raving reviews from brides who have hired him. We were able to work together to have him approved to shoot at the Four Seasons and I couldn’t be happier with the work he produced. When we received our wedding day high-lights, I literally teared up! With 8 hours of coverage, I was amazed at how he was able to pull together the best moments into one clip we could share with our friends and family. I would highly recommend Jordon to any bride!

Jill & Joseph

Jordan is amazing!  His videos of our rehearsal dinner and wedding day are the most special record we have of our marriage.  There is so much we would have missed but for Jordan videotaping interactions between family and friends we would never have known about but for Jordan’s unique ability to always be at the right place at the right time. We searched a long time before deciding on which videographer to use and we are so happy we did not settle.  Not only is Jordan professional and friendly, his creativity will truly capture the magic of the happiest day of your life.  All who attended were in awe of the video and how Jordan was able to catch every single special moment.
Thank you Jordan.  You are wonderful.

Tiffaney & Chase

It was such a pleasure working with Jordan and his crew at Hi Focused. His work is beautiful and left me saying, “Wow, that was MY wedding?” I paid a little extra for the “next day edit” highlight video and it was so worth it! I couldn’t believe the quality of video he was able to provide us just a few hours after our big day! Thanks so much to Hi Focused Productions!

Susan & Yung

Any videographer can simply record the events of your wedding day. Being able to embrace the experience and present it as a beautifully crafted story on the other hand, is an art form – one which I can emphatically proclaim that Jordan has mastered. Entrusting someone to take on this responsibility is not a decision to be taken lightly; as someone who researched high, low and everywhere in between, believe me when I say that the camera can do wonders when in Jordan’s hands.

Chad & Sheree

Other videographers will try to impose their artistic vision, rather than trying to understand what you want. Not Jordan. He made it so easy to work with him – both during the preparation process and during the shoot. Jordan did an excellent job of capturing what we wanted without being obtrusive. He even provided us with a third camera and a second shooter during the ceremony without our asking. We would definitely recommend him!

Mark & Megan

I was married in March at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church and my reception followed at the Four Seasons Resort in Wailea. The Four Seasons had a vendor list they requested we work off that had two videographers listed. After speaking with both and looking at samples they provided on their websites, I was underwhelmed. I did a search on WeddingWire and came across Jordon at Hi-Focused. I was not only impressed with the samples I saw posted on his site but also by the raving reviews from brides who have hired him. We were able to work together to have him approved to shoot at the Four Seasons and I couldn’t be happier with the work he produced. When we received our wedding day high-lights, I literally teared up! With 8 hours of coverage, I was amazed at how he was able to pull together the best moments into one clip we could share with our friends and family. I would highly recommend Jordon to any bride!

Phoebe & Michael

We LOVED our video from Jordan, and could not recommend him more. Our entire experience with him was easy…
he took care of everything, was very professional, and we never even knew he was there.
We highly recommend Jordan to anyone considering a videographer.
Our video is one of the greatest decisions we made during our wedding process.

Lindsey & Peter

I could not give anyone a higher recommendation! I was so hesitant to get a wedding video because videos always seem so obtrusive. The groom didn’t even want to sign the contract because he felt videos are never watched and so dramatically boring and sappy. I went with my gut feeling and decided to work with you anyways. On our wedding day, you literally disappeared to me. I never knew where you were and I didn’t feel watched at all. When I got the video (less than week later!), it was perfect. You were obviously in all of the right places at the right time! My friends and family cannot stop raving about my wedding video; no one has ever seen anything like it and its opened up everyone’s eyes to “modern day videography”. My husband has also admitted that he was glad I went through with the video after all. It helped showcase our wedding to the many friends and family who could not make the trip to Maui for our nuptials. Thank you again, I would recommend you to anyone.

Erika & Kevin

Wow, what a fantastic wedding video! We’re so happy we chose Jordan to capture our special day in Kauai. The quality of the video is top-notch. I was picky about the music and Jordan did an amazing job incorporating our requested music into the video. I really can’t imagine how it could’ve turned out any better. We can’t wait to show our friends and family

Serena & Terry

Serena and I cannot truly thank Jordan enough for capturing and creating an impressive wedding video for us. He was easy to work with and really added a special touch to our wedding highlights. We received the final copy of his video in a very short turn around time and are extremely happy with the final results. We would definitely recommend his services to anyone who needs a professional and talented videographer to capture any special moment.

Thank you so much once again Jordan!

Adrielle & Anthony

Jordan from HI fOCUSED was a great pleasure to work with. He was not only very skillful, but very friendly as well. His work was amazing! We got married in Maui, HI and he was able to capture the elegance of our wedding and the natural beauty of Maui. We had a post-reception event in Los Angeles the following weekend and we had planned to show them a glimpse of the wedding. Jordan was nice enough to hand deliver a completely edited 4minute highlight of the entire wedding just 2 days after. Fastest editing we have ever seen. We highly recommend HI FOCUSED!

Channy & Taz

Planning a destination wedding is no easy task, especially when it comes to choosing vendors that you haven’t met in person! However, choosing our videographer was a much easier task than we had expected. The first time we reached out to Jordan at Hi-Focused Productions, he was very straight forward and answered all of our many questions and concerns. There was no pressure from him to choose his company at all. He told us the facts and his experience with the venue we had chosen, reassuring us what to expect on the day of. On the day of the wedding, he was directive but in a low key approach, again no pressure to do anything we didn’t feel comfortable doing. In addition to his work ethic and style, his integrity to keep his word was appreciated. We needed to have the video completed and delivered to us in less than four weeks to showcase at our reception party back home – Jordan not only delivered the video in less than three weeks, but also at a high quality. There were no shortcuts made to the quality of the video at all – Hi Focused Productions exceeded our expectations.

Jenny & Chris

Jordan IS totally awesome! We live in San Francisco and got married on Maui. About 8 months before the wedding, we were researching for a videographer. I found HI Focused Productions just by Google! At first, because he had an 808 area code number we assumed he was on Maui. Didn’t realize that most of the his samples on his website were clients from Pennsylvania and that he lives there. Obviously, we didn’t read much of the website, just looked at samples! So we called him and discussed some of his packages. When we talked him, it was like we already knew him. At first he was booked for that day but he called back and thank God he became available! So we booked him! His prices were beyond our budget but looking at his work we couldn’t resist. He is very prompt when it comes to contacting him through email. Because of our time difference, it was easier to contact through email. We booked his Signature Package and it is worth it!! Then we first met Jordan a few days before the wedding and he was super friendly, easy to talk to and very well organized. We went through details of the whole wedding and was very impressed. We added a SDE along with his package to play during the reception and it was extremely amazing. Our guests also loved it! He had 2 other assistants who were also really nice from Oahu. We just got our wedding videos and watched it from beginning to end. I (the bride) cried! He captured so many parts of the wedding it was awesome. We laughed so much it brought us back to our special day. We LOVE it!! We are very happy that we chose HI Focused Production to videograph our wedding. Thank you so much Jordan for doing such an amazing job on everything! We will treasure these videos forever! If you want real quality work this is your man! 😉

Hannah & David

Jordan~ Words can not express how thankful we are for you and your amazing talent! As a bride you spend so much time and attention to so many details, and when the big day finally comes it goes by soo fast! Having you there to caputre so many things that David and I did not get to see or fully enjoy is priceless! You gave me a “pause button” for one of the best days of my life and I would hire you again in a second! For all the future bride and grooms reading this…if you are remotely considering spending the money on a videographer, you will not regret using HiFocused! Their professionalism and talent is amazing. The DVD that you get is like your very own personal movie, w/ the best music put with it! I will personally tell you that being able to re-watch your wedding day over and over is priceless!! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

Heather & Chris

Chris and I cannot thank-you enough for the way you captured our wedding day. Watching the highlight video took us back to the day we said our vows! Jordan, your work has amazed us from beginning to end, and we couldn’t have asked for better results! You captured the most important parts of our wedding, and things we weren’t even aware happened. Thank-you again, we will treasure this footage forever!

Robyn & Partick

Thank you soooo much for the beautiful work! My husband, family, friends and I have watched the videos over and over again. We laughed and cried. You basically captured how perfect the day truly was. We cannot stop watching it. We love the footage and music and just all the great moments you captured for us. You definitely did capture all of the great highlights of our day. Thank you for the speedy and fast release of our videos. They are amazing!! My friend is also using youbguys and is very excited now after seeing our footage. Thank you so much!! I will definitely recommend and let all my family and friends know about your work! 🙂

Mary & Andrew

I was extremely happy with the beautiful video Hi Focused created for our wedding. The video is ultra professional, creative, and fun to watch. They perfectly captured the best moments of our wedding day. My husband, family, and I will enjoy the video for years to come. If you are hesitant about spending extra money for a videographer, rest assured that Hi Focused is completely worth the cost. I promise you will not regret it. Your video will be amazing and about a million times better than anything a friend or family member could produce with their video camera.

Kathryn & Brent

We’ll be the first to admit that we were whole-heartedly against having a videographer at our wedding. We thought it would be invasive and awkward. Furthermore, we didn’t even think we would like our video or be excited to watch it. To be honest, we did it because our parents wanted to have it. Well… having Jordan and Hi Focused Videography at our wedding was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. We love showing off our 2 minute highlight video to family and friends and it is so much better than just showing them a few pictures. It really captures the essence of our day and it’s so fun to see everyone’s reactions. On top of that, the full video of our day is shot so well. We never thought we would actually look forward to watching a video of our wedding and we’ve already made a deal that we’re going to watch it on our anniversary every year. We can’t wait! I’d recommend Hi Focused to anyone without hesitation.

Kate & Gregg

Jordan was incredible. Very responsive via e-mail, and great, contemporary work!! We have friends that have been married for over a year and still haven’t received their wedding video material. Jordan got it all edited and to us on a DVD in less than a month, which from what I hear in this industry, is unheard of. Being an amateur video production artist myself, I appreciate just how long it takes to do this stuff. Jordan was also willing to give us all of our material on a hard drive that we provided so that we could back for the “just in case..” scenario. What a professional guy, with an extremely bright future. Great value, and awesome work. Thanks Jordan, you’re the man!!

Melanie & Matthew

Jordan was recommended to us by our photographer. At first, we weren’t sure we really wanted a videographer, but after seeing just our highlight reel, we are so glad we chose Hi Focused. Jordan was there from getting ready through a most of our reception. He made sure he got the shots he needed, but was not intrusive at all. I barely noticed him at the ceremony! We received our video just days after the wedding, and can’t stop sharing it with people. He posted a highlights reel online and it is amazing how he used the music and his shots to create a perfect sample of our day. In just about 3 minutes, he captured all of our favorite moments. The full video is wonderful as well, as it captures all of the ceremony, speeches and dances that we will want to look back on forever.

Lauren & Mike

A videographer was one thing that I didn’t have in our original budget. I thought we could do without it. I had seen other wedding videos in the past and didn’t think that they were that special. Then I saw Hi Focused at a local wedding show. I didn’t know wedding videos could be that creative and professionally done. I knew I had to have them for our event and after receiving our DVD, we are thrilled that we spent the money on this. Even though we were married just over 6 weeks ago, it seems like a blur. Having our video from Hi Focused is the only way that we’ll ever be able to relive our day. I appreciate it right now – but I’m sure in 20 years, we will appreciate it even more.

Tamira & Joseph

Jordan came with the highest recommendations from our wedding photographer, Michelle Allmon of redheadedninja.com. She said he was the best, and we were not disappointed for a second! They worked well together, and we ended up with precious memories—professionally done—that we will treasure forever. Thank you, Jordan and Hi Focused Productions! Tamira Thayne and Joe Horvath

Greg & Amanda

we invited. Some cried, some were amazed but my wife cries every time we watch it. It is truly a cinematic wonder how Jordan puts the little things that we saw but didn’t realize into a high quality movie that stars us, the bride and groom. If you are planning a wedding this has to be a priority. You just can’t leave the services of Hi-Focused out of your wedding. You will never realize how much you lost if you don’t hire them to make your wedding video. The full length video was equally amazing and caught all of the faces and actions in a movie like production. I fully recommend Jordan and Hi-Focused for your wedding or any special event. Thanks Jordan! You helped us to relive our wedding for many years to come.

Nicole & Brock wrote:

Jordan with Hi Focused Wedding Videography did an amazing job capturing the special moments on our wedding day. I did a lot of research before deciding to book Jordan’s services, and I’m so glad I did. I honestly don’t think we could’ve found a better videographer–or at a better price! We received so many compliments on the video from family and friends. The photographer and videographer are by far the most important investment you will make in your wedding–make it count! I’m positive that after researching your options, you won’t find a better videographer than Jordan. He was also extremely responsive to every email I sent and every request I had, which is important to any busy bride who is worrying about every last detail.

We simply can’t recommend Jordan and Hi Focused enough!!

Zaklina & Stephen wrote:

We love…love…LOVE our wedding video!!!!
You guys are amazing Jordan:))) We are highly recommending you to everyone we know!!!

Heather & David wrote:

A HUGE thank you to Jordan for capturing our wedding day!   As most couples in the beginning of planning, we were more concerned about a photographer, not a videographer.  A friend talked us into it and we are so fortunate we listened!  We have watched our video numerous times and are still in awe over the professionalism, quality and overall display!  The timing is just right, 20 minutes is perfect to recap such an important day!  The posted link is great, as we’ve been able to email our closest friends and family to review!  Jordan was polite to work with and never once did we feel like the “paparazzi” was in our face or having to divert our day due to the camera.  This video is one of the best decisions we made and Hi Focused allows us to remember our day over and over again.  THANK YOU!
Thank you so very much for being the videographer at our wedding!

Richard & Kelly wrote:

We had our outdoor wedding on Sept. 25th. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, the leaves had started changing colors, the grass was green and Hi-Focused video captured every moment! Jordan’s Video brought everthing back to life for us. The day is so hectic and the pace is unrelenting. After it was over, and we sat on the beach on our honeymoon, Kelly and I had so many questions. “Did you see this?” “Hey, did so and so really dance?” Jordan’s video gave us a chance to relive the moment again, and to really see everything for how special it was.
we wanted our wedding pictures and video to be great, because in the end that’s all you really have to remember that day.
Jordan’s video wasn’t just great…it was perfect!
We don’t just get to remember the day, with his video, we get to RELIVE the day.
We get to experience everything from our special day again and again, just like the first time. But this time not so hectic.
Thank you Jordan!

Lindsay & Josh Wrote:

We love our wedding video. Jordan was amazing and captured so many wonderful memories during the wedding day/evening. We are so glad we decided to have a videographer to shoot our wedding and we would highly recommend Hifocused. We can’t thank you enough for everything.

Janine & Kevin wrote:

We love the highlights video and can’t wait to see the full one.
You were a great professional and wonderful to work with.
You have a great artistic eye and we will definitely be recommending you in the future. 🙂
Thanks for everything!

Miranda & Jeremy

So glad we chose Jordan to capture our special day! We loved every minute of our wedding video. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Jess & Jason wrote:

OMG Jordan…THIS IS AMAZING!!  You are worth every cent!!

Ania & Ricky wrote:

I love it!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!!! Great working with you as well!!!

Natalie & Drew wrote:

Jordan, Our video was awesome. You did a great job!! Thanks so much for everything!

Dino & Nia wrote:

That was amazing!  We love the concept,
especially the way you used the archbishops
letter to narrate the sacramental portion of the video.
this is exactly what i had envisioned!  great job!

Jen & Matt wrote:

Thanks again for your great work.
The highlight video looked awesome,
we were really happy with it. You are very talented!!

Christen & Jeremy

Amazing, I couldn’t stop crying! Thank you so much!

Deb & Steve wrote:

Deborah & I wanted to send you our BIGGEST Thank You for capturing our Special Day the way that you did!!!  The footage was immaculate…You are truely amazing at what you do!!
It was so much fun working with you before, during & after our wedding.. you have a very high level of professionalism & we are very glad that we chose YOU as our wedding videographer!!!
We just got back from our honeymoon & can’t stop watching the highlights video 🙂

Tara & Nick wrote:

To choose the correct videographer for our special day, I looked high and low for many weeks.  Nothing caught my eye, like Jordan’s work.  I knew from the first highlight video I watched on the Hi Focused website that they would be the company to capture our special day.  I don’t regret that decision!

Nick and I received our highlight video about two weeks after our wedding and thought that the highlight video alone was spectacular!  We posted it up on Facebook for our family and friends to see and we received so many comments on just how unique and modern this short video was.  Our family and friends were as anxious as we were to watch the “real” video:)

We received our copy of our wedding video about a week later.  Nick, my 5 year old son, and I watched the video together for the first time.  (Jaxon cried and said “he did such a good job”, how sweet is that!  If a 5 year old realizes that the video was that good…that has to say something.  We were blown away by just how great of a job Jordan had done.  He was able to preserve memories of that day of even the smallest details.  We are having family over this weekend to view the video and are so eager to show them the final product:)

I feel like we owe Jordan more than he asked.  I truly feel he was the only person who could have captured our wedding day and present it in the beautiful way he did.  THANK YOU JORDAN, from the bottom of our hearts!

Thank you for the lifelong memories,
Tara, Nick, and Jaxon

Kristina & Gary wrote:

We had the pleasure of working with Jordan for our wedding ceremony and reception.  We can honestly say that we are thrilled with our  video! The camera quality and artistry are unparralled.  Jordan has an amazing talent and he was a wonderful and relaxed person to work with.  Please please please do not cheat yourself out of this chance to have a stunning recording of your big day. We also are grateful for the 3 minute highlights he put together that we can show our friends! They are all so impressed – as were we!

Denay & Michael wrote:

I just want to sincerely thank you for the service you provided.  The DVD captures the details, moments, and emotions of our wedding day.  The editing is artistic, professional, and tastefully done.  Your service was high quality for a great price.  I will highly recommend you to my friends/family.  The angles, sound, lighting, and colors were perfect.  Also, I never felt like I had a video camera in my face, in fact, I rarely remember seeing the camera at all.  I also appreciate how quickly we received the DVD.  I can’t thank you enough, you exceeded my expectations in every way.

Gretchen & Johnny wrote:

I am getting such wonderful feedback from the video! You captured the essence of the wedding perfectly! I can not describe what  a gift it has been to share your video with family and friends that were not able to make the wedding in remote Kaupo, Maui. Many of our relatives and friends from the mainland were not able to make it due to health or financial reasons. When I sent them the video afterwards almost everyone said that the video brought tears to their eyes. I am particularly grateful to you on how unobtrusive and professional you were during the whole day. You really went above and beyond the extra mile to make sure we didn’t miss a moment. Since you were so careful to stay out of the photographer’s way during the family photos, we have footage of him shooting. I sent the video to him and he was very impressed with your video as well! I can’t thank you enough for what an incredibly great job you did!!!!! You are all Aloha. Mahalo!

Stephanie & Greg wrote:

We want to thank you for capturing all of the special moments from our wedding day.  The entire event was a terrific whirlwind that passed us by so quickly that it was difficult to recall with clarity. Our wedding video is the single greatest memento of many months of hard work and planning.  Jordan, because of your attention to detail and superb artistry we can relive each second of our beautiful day as though it was yesterday.  We look forward to watching it for many years to come.  You are a genuine talent!

Kalani & Melissa Cabilan wrote:

One of the biggest decisions we had to make was the choosing videographer, capturing the wedding on film is essential if we are to enjoy it for years to come.  Luckily, we chose HI FOCUSED productions to film our wedding and it was one of the best choices we made.  The videographer was very professional, the price was great compared to the competition, and the final product exceeded our expectations.

*The following are fellow vendors.  Click where highlighted to be directed to their company.

Dave Metty, Director Woodward Films wrote:

Hi Focused is a progressive production company that stays on the cuting edge of technology and filming techniques mainly becuase the owner himself is on the cutting of action sports and the digital media world.
this is a one stop shop. don’t go any further.

James Ferrari, James Ferrari Photographery, wrote:

As a fashion photographer and director i work with many talented and creative people as i work with jordon i find that his creative talent was far more superior than most. our shoot, would not have looked as good as it does,he nailed it, and brought it to a higher level ,than expected,  looking forward to our next shoot.

Greg Ventura, Advanced Visual Arts, wrote:

Thumper Nagasako is an excellent videographer and editor.  As my exclusive editor for the past 5 years, he’s done an excellent job. His skills and creativity in editing is such that I entrusted him to edit my own 3 camera wedding video several years ago. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Wedding Planner Lori Lawrence from Tropical Maui Weddings wrote:

“…Anyone would be truly blessed to have you shoot their wedding.”

Lori Lawrence

Jessica Ames from Jessica Ames Photography wrote:

Jordan, WOW!

You seriously amaze me. You are so talented and the only videographer in the area that I would ever recommend.

I’ll need some more business cards, for sure! I want to recommend you to every single one of my clients.

Maui Wedding Cinematography – www.hifocused.com – 808 281-1530 –  hifocused@gmail.com